fredag 1 april 2016

Sista marslånen?

En blandning av handarbetande och odlande kvinnor blev de sista låntagarna i  mars.

Vi önskar dem lycka till!

  • Forage Ndiouga Kebe Group Senegal
    loanA loan to to purchase a roll of fabric, some thread, and some flour.
  • Bilal Group Aley, Lebanon
    loanA loan to to buy raw materials to prepare special and unique crafts to better satisfy her customers' requests.
  • Nagma's Group Lahore, Pakistan
    loanA loan to to buy raw materials, such as threads, fancy cloth, sequins and pearls of various colors, etc., in advance for her embroidery business.
  • Rusmenda Antequera, Bohol, Philippines
    loanA loan to to buy materials like buli, nito (both are kind of a palm) and oway (pliable twigs).
  • Pochol Al Vencimiento Group Solola, Guatemala
    loanA loan to to purchase agricultural supplies to care for the coffee.
  • Grupo Agrícola Patzite Costa Ll… Solola, Guatemala
    loanA loan to to buy agricultural supplies for the upkeep of her coffee crop.
  • Catherine's Group Webuye, Kenya
    loanA loan to to buy cost efficient maize seeds and fertilizer for the upcoming harvesting season.
  • Saodat Shahrituz, Tajikistan
    loanA loan to to buy fertilizer and seeds to plant a new crop.
  • Voeun Group Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia
    loanA loan to to pay for farming costs.

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