torsdag 19 oktober 2017

Återutlåning oktober 2017

Oktober månads återbetalningar har i hittills resulterat i lån till ett antal kvinnliga odlare, några handarbeterskor och två större projekt i Ghana som syftar till att på olika sätt förbättra villkoren för småskaliga odlare.

Vi fortsätter med återutlåningen för oktober och önskar alla nya låntagare lycka till!
  • loanZhypara
    Bokonbayevo, Kyrgyzstan 
    A loan helps to purchase high quality wool and two new sewing machines to increase production of traditional handicrafts and employ 3 women in Kyrgyzstan.
  • loanConchita
    PALAYAN, NUEVA ECIJA, Philippines 
    A loan helps to buy seeds to plant and fertilizer for the easy growth of their crops.
  • loanHripsime
    Stepanavan, Armenia 
    A loan helps to buy a lot of bee families for her farm.
  • loanGuoeu Group
    Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia 
    A loan helps to buy organic fertilizer and other supplies to improve her cassava grove.
  • loanNaa Sakle
    Accra, Ghana 
    A loan helps women shea nut pickers get 20% higher prices by linking them to markets.
  • loanChivizhe Group
    Chihota, Zimbabwe 
    A loan helps to buy fertilizer and seed.
  • loanMary
    Canlaon, Negros Oriental, Philippines 
    A loan helps to purchase fertilizers and other farm supplies.
  • loanZiada's Group
    Kilolo North, Tanzania 
    A loan helps to gain access to cost-efficient hybrid seeds and fertilizer for maize cultivation.
  • loanElena
    Ungheni, Moldova 
    A loan helps to harvest the agriculture land and to purchase a cultivator.
  • loanAnna
    Alahkuma-Bamenda, Cameroon 
    A loan helps to pay for clearing, tilling, seedlings, manure, weeding and farm tools.
  • loanBella Maranura Group
    Maranura - La Convencion -Cusco, Peru 
    A loan helps to purchase seeds and fertilizers.

  • loanMatilsha
    San Juan, Puerto Rico 
    A loan helps concalma with working capital, manufacturing 400 units of handbags and distributing with 5 new international retailers.
  • loanMavuno Harvest
    Accra, Ghana 
    A loan helps to increase smallholder farmers’ incomes by buying unsold fruit that would otherwise go to waste and selling it as dried fruit.
  • loanMarina Alcira
    Perú, Cajamarca, San marcos, Peru 
    A loan helps to purchase organic fertilizer.
  • loanCasa De Jesus Group
    Zunil, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala 
    A loan helps to buy farm tools like rakes, machetes and hoes, to prepare the soil of her farm.
  • loanHilda Soledad
    Otavalo, Ecuador 
    A loan helps to increase production of cape gooseberries as working capital.
  • loanGrupo Catavi Group
    La Paz / El Alto, Bolivia 
    A loan helps buy seeds and fertilizer wholesale.
  • loanNairong Group
    Kandal Province, Cambodia 
    A loan helps to purchase fertilizer and to pay for plowing costs.
  • loanAng Nua 23 Group
    Muong Ang, Vietnam 
    A loan helps to buy fertilizer for coffee trees; the profit will be used to cover her children's tuition fees.

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