fredag 30 juni 2017

Fortsatt återutlåning juni 2017

Här är några till lån som vi bidragit till med hjälp av återbetalningarna för juni. Det blev ovanligt många handarbetarskor den här gången.

  • loanRoeun's Group
    Takeo province, Borey Chulsa district, Cambodia 
    A loan helps to buy fertilizer and organic pesticide for her rice farmland.
  • loanPapiya
    Nadia, India 
    A loan helps to expand her hand loom business to sell more hand-woven saris.
  • loanShezeena
    Multan, Pakistan 
    A loan helps to buy embroidery raw material such as thread, fancy cloth, sequins, and pearls of various colors in advance, to have in stock for her embroidery business.
  • loanGrupo Solidario Pamanzana Group
    Tecpan Guatemala,Chimaltenango, Guatemala 
    A loan helps to buy materials for making woven products to sell.
  • loanMargaret
    Bungoma, Kenya 
    A loan helps to buy seeds and expand her horticultural farm.
  • loanKholbibi
    Shahrituz, Tajikistan 
    A loan helps to buy mineral fertilizers to improve her harvest.
  • loan
    Honiara, Solomon Islands 
    A loan helps to pay for one big pump spray, wheel barrow, axe, knife, file, tractor fees, vegetable chemicals and fertilizer for her farm.
  • loanBartolina Sisa Group
    La Paz / El Alto, Bolivia 
    A loan helps to buy seed.

  • loanDivino Niño Jesus Group
    Caacupe, Paraguay 
    A loan helps to buy clay in bulk to make pottery.
  • loanLimari
    Aibonito, Puerto Rico 
    A loan helps replace outdated equipment, build much needed infrastructure, and gain working capital to expand our production, in order to meet our ever increasing demand.
  • loanVeronica
    Calarasi, Moldova 
    A loan helps to buy 2 hectares of agricultural land, for planting vines.
  • loanAlofa
    Vaitoloa, Samoa 
    A loan helps to buy taro roots (seedlings), banana tube (seedlings), a wheelbarrow, rake, shovel, water tank, and hand gloves.
  • loanFatima
    Kaduna, Nigeria 
    A loan helps to purchase improved farm inputs that will increase farm yield.
  • loanTekoporave Rekavo Group
    Santaní, Paraguay 
    A loan helps buy seeds, fertilizers, and other supplies.
  • loanRukhsana
    Multan, Pakistan 
    A loan helps to buy paper for making and selling envelopes.

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