måndag 11 januari 2016

Sista lånen 2015

Nu när det snart är dags för januari månads återbetalning är december månads till slut ute i världen igen.

Vi önskar de nya låntagarna lycka till!

  • San Miguel Group Asunción, Paraguay
    loanA loan to to buy threads, needles, and other supplies.
  • Vilma Brookes Point, Palawan, Philippines
    loanA loan to to buy fertilizers and other farm supplies.
  • Grupo Mujeres Xejuyup Group Suchitepéquez, Guatemala
    loanA loan to to buy fertilizers and pay for labor to perform maintenance on her coffee plantations.
  • Everlyne's Group Webuye, Kenya
    loanA loan to to buy cost-efficient maize seeds and fertilizer for the coming harvesting season.
  • Pardagul Kumsangir, Tajikistan
    loanA loan to to buy fertilizers, seeds and other products for new sowing.
  • Teodora Entre Rios, Bolivia
    loanA loan to to expand her yuca and pineapple production in order to increase her earnings and provide for her family.
  • Victory Junior School Tororo, Uganda
    loanA loan to to purchase a water filtration system to provide clean drinking water for its students.

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